Unix Trainer and Consultant

About me

I am Shantanu N Kulkarni, a system administrator, a VPN hobbyist and a corporate trainer dealing in Unix like operating systems.

Currently, I am available as a Unix trainer and consultant on freelance basis.

The complete list of technologies I can work on is given here.

About this site

I am bad at html. It was always a pain to maintain webpages and many times I missed or added an extra tag .
I tried to use some frameworks, but they didn't suit my easy requirement.
Finally, I wrote each of my pages as simple text files , albeit with certain markers at required positions. Then a Makefile consisting of sed, some bash and scp made these text files into dot-html and then (using scp) uploaded only the changed files on to the server.


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Some of the pages you might be interested in,

Some websites which I recommend,

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