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  1. Do not say RIP for a Hindu

    We see many people posting RIP in an event of somebody's death. It is so natural to write and read that many of us do not even think for a second, if what we are writing is right or not. RIP, which is Rest In Peace is a term ...

  2. Individual Training - Rules

    Note These rules apply only for people wishing to take personal (individual) training from me. Corporate participants should feel free to skip this article.

    I have started giving personal trainings on Unix. Suddenly people assumed that they can throw their weight around since they are paying me. One advice 'Dont ...

  3. Fooling With Animals - 1

    A few days ago, I saw on facebook a picture of a girl I knew, feeding and caressing an elephant. It was a calm looking picture and she had a few likes and few comments.

    But it got me thinking. Have we become so stupid or careless that we do ...

  4. Facebook Friend Request

    Why I did not accept your friend request on Facebook?

    My facebook account is mostly for my friends who do not have my email address or phone number. If you are my school or college friend, please use email or phone.

  5. Why I do not call you much these days?

    I have people coming to me and asking me this question over and over again.
    I am a corporate trainer and usually I have to talk 8 hours everyday. Many a times I do not get time even for
    lunch because the participants have questions, or a HR wants to ...

  6. Guidelines For Training Vendors

    Some Training Guidelines

    Firstly please note that I didn't make these guidelines out of a love of luxury. I made them to keep things simple for both of us and economize on my time. Following these guidelines will allow me to stay focussed on your work.

    I work all ...

  7. Tips To Maximize The Benefit Of The Training Sessions.

    Here I have documented a few things participants should follow to get the maximum benefit from the trainings. These are a few Do'es and Don't that the participant should try to follow.


    • come to training minimum 10 minutes before the training starts.
    • ask questions which are relevant ...
  8. Technologies On Which I Can Work

    My Key Strengths

    I can work and give trainings in the following areas.


    Unix Shell Scripting
    GNU Make

    System Administration

    Squid Proxy Server
    Iptables firewall
    HTTP Server


    Version Control