Fooling With Animals - 1

A few days ago, I saw on facebook a picture of a girl I knew, feeding and caressing an elephant. It was a calm looking picture and she had a few likes and few comments.

But it got me thinking. Have we become so stupid or careless that we do not even recognize our own strength, our speed and fool with wild animals. Did the girl even realize that just a playful swing of the elephant's trunk would have thrown her off her feet, maybe broken her teeth or a bone or two? Or are we to believe that this girl who has spent all her life in city, knows about elephants so much that she thinks it is perfectly safe to touch it. She never told me that her middle name was Tarzan.

How can people get so stupid? They look at the animal and if it is "kind (or cute) looking" they move forward to touch it. Use some brains. I see all kind of people taking their kids to zoo every other week. Are you crazy? Wild animals do not belong to zoo, they belong to jungle, where they have lived and ruled by using their strength or speed or some natural skill which they were masters of. They don't like zoo and they want to get out and are looking for an way to get out. And these people are taking their kids to the zoo. They are just inviting trouble.

Ask any zoo keeper, how troublesome is it to maintain these animals. That is why usually for some period of time of the day, usually when the staff interacts with animals, the zoo is kept closed to public. The same problem I have with people going to circus and going to safaris. Even if a small monkey comes to your home, you just throw things at it and get it out. Now, if you are going to the lion's house, don't blame the lion for throwing itself at you. Guys, this is not rocket science.

These are called as wild animals because they are wild animals.