Individual Training - Rules

Note These rules apply only for people wishing to take personal (individual) training from me. Corporate participants should feel free to skip this article.

I have started giving personal trainings on Unix. Suddenly people assumed that they can throw their weight around since they are paying me. One advice 'Dont do it. Never do it.'

I believe that knowledge is free and should remain free; I am charging for my time. I charge very resonable fees, so please do not ask for a discount and make yourself look small. If money is a real problem, then you can pay just a rupee. But to ask for a few hundred ruppes discount is insulting. If you still want a discount, get around 4-5 people and I will give you a discount.

Try before paying I always want people to try my course before paying, so you should really attend a few classes without having to worry about payment. But after that do not ask if you can pay in installments. I really have no inclination to maintain your record of how many classes vs. money just because you are not convinced whether you are determined enough to attend the remaining classes.

Do not bunk on classes I understand that people have emergencies and events which they cannot skip. But please inform me in advance.

You are here to learn Do not tell me how to teach. Instead ask me how to learn. Some people simply assume that I will throw away my style for them because they feel they are special.

These rules are very simple and I am sure you would appreciate them one day. If you think clearly you will understand that they are more benifical to you than to me. If you still think something is wrong with the rules, please contact me and we together will sort it out. But if you do not want to follow these rules for any illogical reason then I do not want you in my class. Simple.

Happy Scripting