Tips To Maximize The Benefit Of The Training Sessions.

Here I have documented a few things participants should follow to get the maximum benefit from the trainings. These are a few Do'es and Don't that the participant should try to follow.


  • come to training minimum 10 minutes before the training starts.
  • ask questions which are relevant to the current topic. If you have not understood some previous topic, get it cleared during the breaks.
  • pay attention when I am answering. Some people start typing as soon as I utter a few words or start discussing the answer with their colleagues.
  • come prepared for the training by going through the prerequisites and pre-class handouts if any.
  • speak in clear simple language without using big, complex words.

Do not

  • walk in late in the class and start talking with others or make noises while taking out laptops or books.
  • fall behind the class.
  • take phone calls in the training room; just excuse yourself and take the phone call outside the class.
  • do stock trading or visit any games site to keep a tab on the scores.