Some Testimonials

Sriram Un (Unix expert with 20+ years experience in Unix Shell Scripting) : your book makes a lot of sense not sure how to pay back in kind or cash - the best 180 pages.

Asavari Bhave (Senior Executive Vodafone) : Shantanu's book helped me understand Unix in a very simplified way. His book made it very clear and easy to understand. It was as if I had Shantanu right next to me helping me study. Because of his books, I was no longer falling behind in my Unix studies.

Rucha (Team Lead, Persistent Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) : The crisp book contents assisted me to develop a interest in Unix. Book is very handy and has a good coverage of topics required for a person to start with Unix and shell scripting.

Ajinkya Soitkar (Senior DB trainer and administrator) : "Shantanu's book Unix Shell scripting is one wonderful ready to use guide. You can just start your Unix machine and type away, and you realize you actually are learning the very basics which are really critical in handling issues, a very concise and direct way of putting all commands together with succinct explanation, makes this book a must have for people who have just started Unix and a refresher guide for Unix experts. All the technical topics like Filters and understanding of the Shell are explained wonderfully keeping a novice in mind. The examples in the book are easy to follow and understand. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to get started on their Unix journey :)"