Guidelines For Training Vendors

Some Training Guidelines

Firstly please note that I didn't make these guidelines out of a love of luxury. I made them to keep things simple for both of us and economize on my time. Following these guidelines will allow me to stay focussed on your work.

I work all alone, without a secretary. So all the logistics' arrangements are to be done from your side. Please assign someone sensible who respects others time. I have coordinated with enough number of clerical staff who didn't inform me about venue, hotel or travel details. I don't want to call your office every now and then for small details and issues.

Air travel, compulsory for distances more than 200 kms from Pune, must be prepaid and booked by you. For lesser distances and for travel from airport to hotel or venue and back, please arrange a good car.

I would require a decent hotel (no shoddy joints). The room fare and meals tab will have to taken care by you. Do not worry, I don't use booze or have any other expensive tastes.

My training feedback is always good and rates are reasonable. So, please do not ask for a discount. If we are doing business for the first time I expect full advance payment as PDC before the training begins.

Other trainers will not be allowed to attend the training. Audio or video recording of my session is not allowed without my permission.